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Support Portal

Welcome to the contact and support portal for Protilit Ltd. You can use the form on this page to send a message via email, and log in to the portal to use the facilities provided to manage your support events.


All email addresses that have been previously provided for support purposes remain active. Any email you send to a support address creates a new support event and can be managed from within the portal (log in here).


Applications that still use our legacy SMS system have now been integrated into the support portal, automatic notifications are routed to the person responsible for responding to your support request. You can view your SMS history by logging in.

Real Time Reporting

For those clients that have their systems reporting problems and issues in real time, we are working to integrate this aspect into the on-line support portal. For the time being please continue to use the off-line facilities provided, and we will notify you when the integration project has completed, and you can access reports and statistics here.